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StP@ is a lyricist, self-taught sound engineer, music producer, visual and culinary artist. Growing up in Korea, Japan, and Guam before coming to the USA for college, StP@ spent his childhood spent zig-zagging through different cultures. A gifted writer and record-breaking athlete, those around him soon realized he had a unique relationship with the art of poetry. His insight into different cultures and lifestyles influenced him creatively and spiritually, his music explores themes like belonging, transience and truth-seeking. Using music as his primary vehicle, StP@ believes “athleticism” should exist in every part of his life, making the transformation towards achieving mastery status as a lyricist and more importantly, a mastery of self. A truly talented storyteller, StP@ is continuously experimenting with words and meaning. Performing at a plethora of venues including open mics, music festivals, and clubs, this artist brings an electric energy that draws people toward the stage to experience the moment with him. He has released three conceptual projects online, and is excited to release first full length album, "Finding Feng Shui", in May 2019. His most recent project, GravHitz EP, produced fully in house and engineered by StP@ and featuring contributions by fellow No Idol Music artist Twiya, was released March 2020.



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