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TWIYA launches gender-neutral boutique

Multidisciplinary artist & No Idol Music member TWIYA launched her online boutique and fashion organization, Vibes by Jupiter5 on New Year's Day.

Highlighting different "vibes" (frequencies given off by a person's personality) as opposed to gender or trending aesthetic. While she enjoys learning about fashion and designing pieces, she points out that she is not in it for the fashion. The "Afronauts" singer reminds us that what is inside is what's most important. "I want to make it easy to express yourself but it's more than the clothing," she explains. "I want the online space to be a place for people to showcase what makes them beautiful and what makes them [them]."

TWIYA plans to create inclusive spaces for people to celebrate their looks and their vibe. Fashion shows, online campaigns and workshops are in line.

The store currently features three vibes, including one by fellow No Idol Music artist StP@ and features a monthly Zine that highlights a theme and an ambassador who embodies the Vibes by Jupiter 5 spirit. The No Idol Music merch store is live on the site as well, currently featuring designs by TWIYA.

Shipping is free until January 10 for all subscribers as a welcome to the Jupiter5 family.

Visit .

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