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Moving with purpose

As we prepare to hopefully move back into the physical world, everyone is reflecting on our time spent in isolation over the past year. As a company, we have wondered how best to support community efforts to fight for social change. We've always been centered on providing equal opportunity to everyone elevate their skillset and careers. It is so innately tied with the core mission of our company that we rewrote our mission statement to provide more clarity on the purpose of No Idol Music, LLC. Read our mission statement here.


What's most important is that we understand, no event is too small and no effort to make change in the world is in vain. A tiny ripple of hope is created whenever we commit to what is right and make one more step in this world toward a collective future free of inequalities, and isms. This is about creating tomorrow, today. That is why we are shifting our primary focus to actively producing creative social justice events and to supporting activists and artists to boost their impact on several community issues.

We are excited to engage in the process of decolonizing creativity and "re-valuing" of the marginalized voices of the artists we serve, including ourselves.


No Idol Music Group, LLC

May 2021

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