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Finding your voice

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

In a world of creative people coming up with new things everyday, sometimes we can feel like we aren't special enough. We look for something to make us stand out from the crowd. Your voice is what makes you different from others and stories help others step into your world. No matter what medium you are using, cultivating your voice through story-telling will help you connect to your audience in an emotional and authentic way.

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Everybody has a story…

What artists have in common is that we are storytellers. Storytelling is the most powerful tool for change. Activists often use stories to humanize and give credibility to an issue. Teachers use stories to help students access complex ideas. Stories provide insight into who we are as people and help us connect to others in a visceral way.

Tap into what makes you who you are...

Focusing on story not only makes your art more authentic, but it’s an exploration for yourself. Reflecting on our own story pushes us further into the essence of who we are, who we are becoming, and gives insight into our own behavior. We learn to give ourselves grace and when to not make the same mistakes.

Be comfortable with just being human...

People are made up of our interactions with others, and the world. It can be easy to lose your personal story when you’re thinking too much about marketing or making something “universally popular.” If you’re looking to appeal to people, the common thread is we are all human.

It can be easy to focus on needing a special “thing”. Lots of artists have garnered success off of finding some sort of gimmick to bring attention to them. You may feel like if you don’t have a special niche, or that you aren’t interesting enough. The truth is you don’t need much other than yourself to create the perfect image and find your tribe of fans. Look within yourself and pull out the story, and tell it to others.

Your experience is unique...

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the songs people find the most compelling have universal themes that we all can relate to, but from the singer’s unique perspective. As mentioned in the previous post, what makes you YOU, is what people will remember and connect with. There is nothing new under the sun and we all have the same emotions. The great thing is, no one shares your individual story and experience.

Don’t let the simplicity of a topic discourage you from exploring your unique perspective on it. There are probably a million love songs out there, but people listen and appreciate the nuance of the individual story. If you think you’ve had a really generic experience, try writing about what you wish it would have been.

You have all that you need...

Like Nas said, “All I need is one mic, to spread my voice to the whole world.”

If you were given a chance to show your real self to the world, what would you say? How would you do it? What parts of yourself feel vital to who you are?

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