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Dope People, Dope Projects

On Saturday January 8, No Idol Music collective will be hosting the first ever D.A.P. Lab, a space for friendly creatives.

The fundamental aspect of creativity is the ability to synthesize new ideas, even if making connections between previously discovered ideas. Artists can get preoccupied with doing things alone. There is an Einstein effect that comes into play with art; people want to seem as if they've done everything alone and off their own genius. But when you look into history, you see the greatest artists are nothing without their creative team complimenting their talents and pushing them to new levels they could never have reached on their own.

Still, the stairway to stardom for independent creatives can be narrow and isolating. Finding new creative peers to collaborate with isn't easy, especially in the age of social media where newcomers are sometimes treated as if they aren't worth the time and attention.

The D.A.P. (dope ass people, dope ass projects) Lab is a space for friendly creatives to congregate, collaborate, and celebrate the dope ass process of making art. This event will take place monthly (pending safety of the space), and will feature guided networking (for our introverted friends), an open mic, and begins with a free or low cost workshop to develop various skillset. If you are a seasoned artist looking for critique to improve your craft or a new artist just finding your place, you are invited and welcome to come soak up the energy and catch a vibe!

Learn more about the event, RSVP on Facebook, and we hope to see you soon!

*masks will be required at this event*

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