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Our Story


Founded in the Spring of 2019, No Idol Music is a media production and distribution for social justice company. Our mission is to create, cultivate, celebrate and elevate social movements and change through producing thought-provoking events that challenge our audiences to reimagine society. With a special focus on arts-based social justice events, we can use our creativity to create a different world.

Our vision is a world where all people have the opportunity to fulfill their higher potential. We reject the culture of gate-keeping and carbon-copying in the entertainment & media industry that keeps people from achieving self-actualization. We believe that humans deserve to be affirmed in who they are, and we work to create spaces of belonging and support for creatives on the fringe, and the community at large. Our motto, #BreakThatGate is about breaking down barriers and forging your way in the world. 


    Through events and media projects such as No.ID.TV and the artist collective No.ID, we will provide spaces for growth and belonging, and mobilize artists toward social reform. Our artists are interdisciplinary filmmakers, songwriters, photographers, engineers, producers, teachers, designers, writers, and activists.

     We strive to connect with unique audiences that appreciate both the eclectic and the classic by tapping into the creative essence of the person. We affirm that self-actualization is a human right.

Our Mission

1. To PRODUCE art and events that are genuine, encouraging, that teach, and elevate the community.

2. To SUPPORT independent artists, writers, and creatives by creating spaces for belonging, education, and collaboration.

3. To INSPIRE the movement for free creative expression by uplifting indie artists outside of social-media and algorithm-driven platforms.

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